Paradox Period LTD

Paradox Period has roots deep in the history of textile and flag printing in Finland. Its present know-how represents the combined experience and flag-printing methods of Helsingin Taidevärjäämö, a company founded in 1929, and E. Helenius, established in 1960 and now the biggest textile printer in the Nordic countries. From these roots have sprung Helsingin Lipputehdas (est. 1981), Helmipaino (est. 1982), Printscorpio (est. 1984) and Paradox Period (est. 1990).

The company operates at Aitoo in Finland, a village with more than 40 years’ experience of textile printing. Over 100 people are nowadays engaged in flag making at Aitoo. Paradox’s greatest resource is indeed its highly skilled and committed personnel, all with wide experience of flag making and textile printing. Paradox products are made from the best possible materials and printed with dyes chosen individually for each application. The dyes used for flags and banners are those with the best proven resistance to light and weather conditions. The fabrics to be printed cover a wide range, from 55g/m2 polyester to 400 g/m2 towelling. The traditional printing machines have now been supplemented by new, digital units capable of transferring the image to the fabric, and naturally in dyes impervious to outdoor conditions.

Size is no problem for us in flags and banners. Our products are made to the client’s exact specifications, whether the order be for a hunting club sleeve badge or a banner to cover the entire facade of a city building. We would welcome an opportunity to demonstrate our expertise to you, too, and look forward to hearing from you.